Our connection to Carvetii… 

The Carvetii were a tribe who resided in Cumbria during the Iron Age.  Known as the ‘deer men’ their skill created tools from natural materials that were inventive, practical and rich in quality.  They were fine craftsmen creating both practical and decorative pieces from wood carving and metal making.  Their work would continue to influence art for many years.  We follow the footsteps of the Carvetii, we share their passion and innovation, their home and their name. 


Established in 1996, formerly known as Town & Country Interiors, we create living spaces that provide comfort and elegance without missing out the practical! Under the guidance and direction of our company founder Roy Sweetman, our studio consists of a dedicated group of talented designers who provide a first class service. With many years of experience, we have an unrivalled depth of detail and level of thinking, always working to deliver fresh and innovative ideas.

A combination of fine designers and furniture makers means that we can be totally unique in the creation of rooms for your home. Tony is based in our workshop at Kendal and takes a watchful eye over the smooth running of this part of the business. He works alongside a skilled team of craftsmen and women that have a passion for beautiful crafted furniture.

With all our experience and knowledge, you can have the confidence to know that every room and every piece of furniture will be designed, nurtured and individually created to the very highest standards.


Our workshop is based at Kendal in the beautiful South Lakes. We work with natural materials and our craftsmen delight in creating stunning, bespoke pieces of furniture. Our talented furniture makers provide the same high level of passion and drive for perfection that we do. Our colleagues and partners include highly skilled specialists – from textiles and masonry, to lighting, electronics and integrated smart technology systems.